Monday, October 1, 2012

Pomegranate Harvesting

We are renting a house with a gorgeous variety of aloe plants, trumpet flower trees, grape vines, apricot trees and our most fruitful friend...the pomegranate tree. I love pomegranate, but admittedly, I know nothing about it. Well now I do....a little. But I didn't. I now know that September is when they start becoming ready to pick. I know they are ready when they are heavy, dark red, and come right off the tree without too much effort. I know that the best way to get the seeds out is by cutting it in half and then banging the back of the skin with a spoon until they all fall out. (Watch out for splattering juice though!) And I know that they taste amazing in salads and even better muddled in the bottom of a homemade margarita :)
Now my challenge is to figure out what to do with the large supply we harvested. We gave most of them away to friends and the neighborhood, we put them out on our bike path with a sign, and they went fast!. But we kept 6 or 7 for ourselves and while I love throwing them in drinks and salads, I'm determined to find a muffin or bread that makes them shine. After all, the other thing I learned about pomegranate is that just one of them produces a LOT of seeds. So now I search. Got a fave pomegranate recipe? 

Our trusty friend joined us for coffee and company (UgChugs from the amazing Etsy creator NelsonStudio) 

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