Thursday, September 27, 2012

Giveaway Over at Freckled Nest!!

So I am oh so happy to have been a sponsor over at Freckled Nest this past month. Super cool blog about the talented Ms.Leigh-Ann and her love of design, crafting, DIY, small biz, vintage and just general awesomeness. In fact after I got my sewing machine, I promptly purchased Leigh-Ann's Home Ec Course. I HIGHLY recommend it if you are starting at the beginning  and want to quickly start sewing awesome projects. 

But now about the giveaway.....freebies are my fave. She is giving away a super cute necklace from her Etsy shop. Easy peasy to enter for a chance. Just comment and tell her what your  favorite things are from her list of sponsors. I'll be there :) She'll pick the winner at random next week. 

Good Luck!!!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Stitch Your Halloween Decor

Since it's almost time for pumpkins on my porch and apples in my oven, I thought I'd share a seriously quick and easy decoration for Halloween. Yarn, big eyed needle, fabric and my beloved embroidery hoop. Write out any spooky phrase you want on the fabric. I used pencil, but you can use fabric pencils/marker that disappear with a little water. It also helps to write out your phrase a couple times on paper till you get it the way you want, and then you could even trace, if you are using white or light colored fabric. Just make sure not to pull on your yarn too hard, to prevent it from bunching. Pull the fabric taught after stitching and then tighten screw at the top of the hoop. Cut off remaining fabric and finish with a little bow at the top. Boo!-yah!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Thrift Store Scores

I'm a thrift store junkie. You know that whole 'one man's trash' bit, yeah, I'm into that. I love digging through thrift/antique/vintage/second hand stores. Thought I'd share just a few of my most recent fave finds. My sister-in-law comes tomorrow...and she is a master thrifter. I'm hoping we get time to do a little thrifty digging while she's here. 
Pretty little milk vases for less than $3
Classic Disney book collection for $2 and the vintage sheet behind it for $1.50
Wire metal basket for $1

Saturday, September 8, 2012

30 Second Inspiration--Dipped

Happy Saturday! At my house today we are attempting our first building project. More on that later. I hope. But for now, a quick collection of one of my fave recent trends...all things dipped. I'm sure you've seen a lot of it. These finds got my wheels turnin...what else wants to go for a dip? Fall squashes/gourds. Halloween pumpkins. My embroidery hoops. Your face ;) Okay not that far. Makes me crave the classic cone.

1.Dipped Arrow Ring ( 2.Dipped Cans ( 3.Dipped Couch (
I'm overdue for one

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Back to school time. I'm working with some great kids and I'm looking forward to seeing their growth throughout the school year. I'm also looking forward to some cooler weather! Don't misunderstand...I love the sunshine and the extended summer season. Buuuuut, those dreamy fall colors and cozy muffins and pumpkin coffee drinks are sounding so appealing. I've been carrying a little cardigan with me places. Maybe if I just  keep throwing it in my car, I will eventually need it. I'm attempting weather control. So far not really working. Soon enough. Here's some fall-like images that have popped up in my world recently.
Banana Almond Muffin

Ollie's fave chair

Personal embroidery piece

Costume Party Deer Embroidery Coming Soon to Etsy shop