Friday, May 24, 2013

Giant Belly and Glittered Love

I'm in the home stretch of this pregnancy!! 37 weeks...which I hear is officially full term. Yet 40 weeks is the due date..? Whatever. To me it basically means he's fully cooked and will make his grand appearance when the timing is right. I stopped working last week and while it was bittersweet to leave an awesome school and prob the greatest bunch of second graders ever, I'm really savoring this time.The aches and annoying symptoms pile up, but in general I'm just overflowing with happiness and excitement. I actually feel really spoiled this week, between the mani/pedi, getting my hair done, lunch with friends, naps, pool and getting to create....I honestly feel a little guilty. But my super sweet hubs encourages it. It's all his fault.'s a look at my enormous belly and a little piece I created. I'm hoping that once things settle down a bit to keep filling up the Etsy shop with more party decor/detail pieces. I've also been in talks with someone at Custom Made and am considering selling on there as well. For now check that site out. Pretty cool how they match people with creators so that you get exactly what you want for your space.