Monday, October 22, 2012

Laminated Bibs

I am in the slow process of restocking/getting geared up for the Christmas season. Due to their popularity at the Renegade Craft Fair...I'm especially trying to restock the wonderfully practical laminated bib. No washer and dryer. Wipe it off or rinse it in the sink. Done-zo. Let little one get as messy as they want. And who needs more laundry? Not mothers of small children. I love that some really awesome fabrics are now becoming laminated. SO many uses for it. From reusable lunch bags to bibs and diaper bags, or an outdoor tablecloth. I love the possibilities. Oil cloth isn't bad either. But I'm still waiting on some great new prints in oil cloth. Seems that I keep seeing the same old stuff. Either way....bib frenzy begins. Check the shop for new additions!
My model was so stiff

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  1. Ha, ha!!! Love your model!!! And I might actually need some of these down the road. So cute!