Let's Make a Picnic Table: Part 1

The hubs proposed it first. We have the space out back and we wanted a table that could fit more people and of course more food ;) Plus we love eating outside. So instead of running to Ikea, I loved that Bobby wanted to opt for a project we could work on and enjoy together. He's good. We found the project on Design Confidential (which is awesome)...and while we had to tweak a few steps and omit the things we didn't was a perfect guide for the beginner. If you wanna start building your own furniture, I really suggest checkin it out. Tons of really cool <<and free>> furniture plans. Now admittedly, Bobby did a LOT of the grunt work for this project. I still need practice with that circular saw. But drillin, and measurin, and holdin things in place was most of my job. And of course we needed to eat throughout the day. So you know I had that covered. It was a great day of sweat and lessons learned and in the end a bbq'd dinner on our new table. Next step is staining it, making benches, and of course gathering some peeps together to eat on it! Here's the exact plan that we followed.

our old ombre extension cord

Ready to be stained


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    1. We actually used 2x4's and then attached 2 together in order to create 4x4's