Sunday, October 28, 2012

Custom Piece Share

Custom orders are a regular part of my Etsy/embroidery biz. They are challenging and exciting to me and I love when I get to create something that will be a part of a special day for someone (weddings, baby showers, anniversaries). I thought I'd share this piece that I made for my sister-in-law's sister. She's having a little girl soon, and I felt honored that I was employed to create a little name piece for their nursery. From the pics that my sister-in-law sent me, the shower was super cute and perfectly pink. Congrats to the mommy to be! :)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Laminated Bibs

I am in the slow process of restocking/getting geared up for the Christmas season. Due to their popularity at the Renegade Craft Fair...I'm especially trying to restock the wonderfully practical laminated bib. No washer and dryer. Wipe it off or rinse it in the sink. Done-zo. Let little one get as messy as they want. And who needs more laundry? Not mothers of small children. I love that some really awesome fabrics are now becoming laminated. SO many uses for it. From reusable lunch bags to bibs and diaper bags, or an outdoor tablecloth. I love the possibilities. Oil cloth isn't bad either. But I'm still waiting on some great new prints in oil cloth. Seems that I keep seeing the same old stuff. Either way....bib frenzy begins. Check the shop for new additions!
My model was so stiff

Monday, October 15, 2012


There has been a long pause on here lately. Life has been full! Between visitors, a wedding, more visitors, the premiere of the hub's latest and greatest film, and custom orders..there has not been a spare moment. But I can't complain, I love when life is full of wonderful people, celebrations and of course embroidery. I am completing one more custom order and then it's on to applying to a Christmas craft show and gearing up for Etsy Christmas sales! Woohoo! I love that selling on Etsy lets me get into the Christmas spirit nice and early! :) Here's a few images from my busy world lately. 
Me/Brother/Sis-n-law feeling magical

Bridesmaid to a wonderful friend

Some of our besties visited from NY

My handsome date at the premiere of Wreck it Ralph ((you all must see this one!! :))

sneak peek at one of my custom orders/more to come

Monday, October 1, 2012

Pomegranate Harvesting

We are renting a house with a gorgeous variety of aloe plants, trumpet flower trees, grape vines, apricot trees and our most fruitful friend...the pomegranate tree. I love pomegranate, but admittedly, I know nothing about it. Well now I do....a little. But I didn't. I now know that September is when they start becoming ready to pick. I know they are ready when they are heavy, dark red, and come right off the tree without too much effort. I know that the best way to get the seeds out is by cutting it in half and then banging the back of the skin with a spoon until they all fall out. (Watch out for splattering juice though!) And I know that they taste amazing in salads and even better muddled in the bottom of a homemade margarita :)
Now my challenge is to figure out what to do with the large supply we harvested. We gave most of them away to friends and the neighborhood, we put them out on our bike path with a sign, and they went fast!. But we kept 6 or 7 for ourselves and while I love throwing them in drinks and salads, I'm determined to find a muffin or bread that makes them shine. After all, the other thing I learned about pomegranate is that just one of them produces a LOT of seeds. So now I search. Got a fave pomegranate recipe? 

Our trusty friend joined us for coffee and company (UgChugs from the amazing Etsy creator NelsonStudio)