Thursday, February 7, 2013

boy oh boy

Our big news's a boy! I kinda had a feeling it was. I switched to thinking it was a girl for a little bit. But something inside me (maybe my son) kept saying "you know it's a boy." And we are thrilled. I immediately bought up an unnecessary amount of boy's clothes. I headed to the fabric store and went bananas for all things woodland/adventure/baby boy. I've also jumped back onto my sewing machine and started with the blankets, burp cloths and quilts. I can't help myself. I'm so excited for his tiny fingers that are sure to smear dirt and paint all over my walls. I can't wait for train sets and camping in the yard and discovering icky bugs in the woods. This is getting a little sappy...but instead of paying attention to the traffic ahead of me on the road, I'm more likely to be day dreaming like this these days. Since I'm into it...thought I'd share a little boy world.

 You are my Greatest Adventure illustration, mobile of painted driftwood and feathers,
adventure/travel blanket made by yours truly, organic toy cars LOVE BUG

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