Saturday, September 22, 2012

Stitch Your Halloween Decor

Since it's almost time for pumpkins on my porch and apples in my oven, I thought I'd share a seriously quick and easy decoration for Halloween. Yarn, big eyed needle, fabric and my beloved embroidery hoop. Write out any spooky phrase you want on the fabric. I used pencil, but you can use fabric pencils/marker that disappear with a little water. It also helps to write out your phrase a couple times on paper till you get it the way you want, and then you could even trace, if you are using white or light colored fabric. Just make sure not to pull on your yarn too hard, to prevent it from bunching. Pull the fabric taught after stitching and then tighten screw at the top of the hoop. Cut off remaining fabric and finish with a little bow at the top. Boo!-yah!

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