Monday, January 14, 2013

Bump it Up

Soooooo....pretty obvious why the long pause right? Just about half way through the 40 weeks and feeling fat and fine :) I've been blessed by a pretty easy and uneventful pregnancy thus far. The hubs and I are suuuuuper excited and just taking in each day as amazed spectators. Lots of changes to laugh at and be in awe of. Gotta say the weirdest thing is how much milk I can put away now. Pre-preggers I wouldn't even drink milk (maybe in coffee or cereal). But the new Christal has been known to finish off 1 1/2 gallons in a week. The old me would have been sick to just hear this. My husband thinks it's hilariously strange. I agree with I sip another glass of milk. Nursery plans are in the works and pics will follow of some progress. For now I wanted to share a few new pieces from the shop (much work to do there!) as well as a couple projects I have my eyes on, now that I have a new focus in mind.  
Remake of an old sell. For your Valentine.
Suncatcher. For my snowy remind them of sunny summer.
The ombre feathers as a set now. They told me they would rather flock together.
Must make this nursing shawl. Easy and cute! 
Maybe I've been shot by the Valentine arrow. This quilt works with my ability to make sloppy lines so well.

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